The Hierophant & a Crumbling Empire

The Tarot teaches in stories.

When we know what came before, we can access the tools and teachings from the past.

When we know what is coming, we can deepen our preparations.

But we have to be where we are.

2020 took so much, but it did give us this: we know what we live for.

Remember that. Write it down.

Between The Emperor and The Lovers is the Hierophant. The archetype of 2021.

So what is stillness, if it is not non-action?

Try this:

That is the gift of the Hierophant — they teach us the potency and the importance of stillness.

First, stillness. Then, action.

First, listen. Then, be the Truth.

Soon, the moon will be new for the first time in this calendar year of 2021.

When the moon is new, I’ll be beginning a new project, a year long exploration into the Tarot as a tool and a guide.

It’s called Luminous. You are invited.



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abigail rose clarke

abigail rose clarke


The body has the answers your mind is searching for. Somatics & the Tarot can help you find them.