Less striving, more squish: stories from the Tarot

In the Tarot, and in the zodiac, introspection has to come before expression.

We have to get a little squishy before we can shine.

Less striving, more shining. And to get to the shine, we have to be willing to be a bit squishy.

I’m talking about our sweetly dimpled and rolling bodies and I’m also talking about our minds and the ways we hold them. There is such a deeply engrained story to “get better” and “fix” things. We tell ourselves stories to prove that we either are or are not living up to expectations. If you doubt that the story in your head of your perceived failures is in fact a story, ask someone who loves you deeply to tell your life story back to you. You will hear all the same plot twists, but told in a different narrative arc. Almost any story can be a comedy or a tragedy, depending on how we tell it.



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