• Sophy Dale

    Sophy Dale

    Copywriting coach & messaging strategist. I can help you create compelling web & sales copy. Find me at https://www.sophydale.com/

  • Candy Islander

    Candy Islander

  • Magpie Woman.

    Magpie Woman.

    Friend of finches. Lover of peace and living things.

  • Rolf Pechukas

    Rolf Pechukas

    Yoga-teaching soul-singing green-building single dad.

  • Sierra Dickey

    Sierra Dickey

  • Maggie Markham

    Maggie Markham

    “be a child of illusion” — “you have a clear and lively voice. don’t be such a defeatist.”

  • Chaitra Ramaiah

    Chaitra Ramaiah

    Photographer, small-time writer of both prose and poetry, ardent wildlife lover, and a fitness freak. BTW, did I say I am a metalhead too :-)?

  • Kerry Vollherbst

    Kerry Vollherbst

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