I am a somatic facilitator, meaning I study the body, and how to help people return to a comforting and comfortable relationship with their own bodies. However, while many in the embodiment industry focus on somatics and mindfulness as a way to increase calm, I use these tools and practices to increase our engagement with the world. Sometimes, that isn't calm. Sometimes, it isn't comfortable. But the more we can be with the world as it is, and ourselves as we are, the more we can shape the future into the world we long for.

I work with people individually, ranging from advising the CEOs and Board Directors of organizations, to helping teachers find their footing in the midst of all this chaos of the pandemic, to offering skills and practices for parents who are doing their best. If you have a body, and you wish to increase your relationship with your body, let's talk.

I hold a weekly, ongoing somatic learning space, called Anchor Continuum. Learn more here: www.AbigailRoseClarke.com/anchor

I am also the creator of The Somatic Tarot, a method of engaging with the archetype Tarot in ways that are rooted in liberatory practices, as a guide to a healing future. The deck and book are available for sale through my website, and you can also book readings at www.AbigailRoseClarke.com/tarot-readings

You can learn more about my work at www.AbigailRoseClarke.com

Thank you for being here.

abigail rose clarke

The body has the answers your mind is searching for. Somatics & the Tarot can help you find them. www.abigailroseclarke.com