The Tarot teaches in stories.

When we know what came before, we can access the tools and teachings from the past.

When we know what is coming, we can deepen our preparations.

But we have to be where we are.

2+0+2+1=5, and the Hierophant is card 5 in the Major Arcana. Last year was the year of the Emperor. Next year will be the year of the Lovers.

Last year, the year of the Emperor, was a year of learning about power —…

patterns of extractive capitalism in our personal relationships, and what skin and mitochondria can teach us about interdependence and liberation

Mitochondria. image source: wir0man

If we are hoping to create systemic change, we must also create change at the individual level. All of us create culture: culture is alive, and we breathe new life into it every day with the cumulative force of our seemingly insignificant actions. Social change is cultural change. Cultural change…

image by NASA

According to social media and especially Instagram, getting embodied is the secret to living well, living longer, and having everything one could wish for, including better sex and more orgasms.

“Being embodied” is what everyone who has a better life than you has figured out, and, as with most trends…

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Being embodied is more than just noticing how good a body can feel.

This means as we shift the way…

abigail rose clarke

The body has the answers your mind is searching for. The Tarot is a tool to find them. Learn how:

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